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Slacker! But for good reason, I swear.

I was just about all caught up on my granny square a day when I found a square pattern I loved and then my whole idea changed.  Originally I was going to just do 1 totally random granny square a day.  I am new to reading patterns, so I was challenging myself to try a new one each day.  But when I found this pattern I changed directions with my plan.

These are the ones I had done up till the pattern find (colors aren’t so great since the sun was going down.








Then these are the ones that changed my mind










I think my new plan of attack is going to be to stick with this single pattern but go with whatever color my mood is for the day.  Of course chosen from whatever yarn I have laying around at the moment.

I have been busy.  I started to work on my first crochet purse for a friends birthday.  Its not picture worth yet, need a few more days on it.  I had to rework the pattern I was using.  I didn’t like the way it flowed, so I had to arrange it for my pattern reading skills.  Is that bad etiquette?

And yet another project I have been working on is a blanket for my daughter, a granny ripple.








You can’t really tell but there is purple after the blue.  Of course there is always a hitch in every project.  The purple is my hitch.  I was doing 5 rows of each color.  And when I hit the second yellow I realized I had skipped a row of purple.  So my plan is to keep going with only 4 purple then use purple as my boarder to make up for the lack of purple.  I’m hoping to have this one done in the next 2 weeks.  Teenagers are very pushy and she is being very impatient.

And last but not least.  Today I took a break from my crochet projects to put together a little storage box for some of my yarn.  I initially thought the box was much bigger. So imagine my surprise when I put it together and discovered just how bad my math really is LOL.  Oh well, it still turned out really stinking cute once I added the fabric.  It still needs a few finishing touches once my glue dries,  But here is the general idea











And there you have it.  What I have been up to this week.  Oh ya and because of my game plan change for the granny square a day, I am now 3 days behind again :/

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