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Where I rant without being specific.

While I realize this is being a little dramatic, at the moment it doesn’t seem like it, and I want to deem this day ” The Worst Day Ever”.  One of those days where you don’t dare ask what else can go wrong? Because that would end badly.  I have spent the entire day in tears, and when I did manage to pull myself together, I was on the verge of tears.  I did make it to my cardio kickboxing class to kick things and in turn get my butt kicked. Ya, that didn’t help either.  Then the topping on the cake, I dropped my one and only bottle of wine till payday, and it broke everywhere.  UGH!!!!!!!!  So…reduced to beer, here I sit watching bad tv.  I do however need to mention that the teenager is being wonderful and taking on Z (aka monster toddler)  for me tonight.  I owe her big.

I attempted the first 6 rounds of the wool eater CAL today and got completely lost.  I manged round 1 and 2 just fine.  Round 3 threw me for a loop and it made NO sense.  Of course it was probably a bad idea to do this when having such a rotten day.  Maybe I’ll give it another shot tomorrow.  I really wanted to make it work, why can’t it be easier?! So tonight, instead of trying out a new pattern, I am going with easy and comfy and going to work on the teenagers granny ripple blanket.