Long Week, YAY for Friday!

It’s been a doozy of a week.  My mom was here for the beginning of the week and relax is not in her vocabulary.  But that’s a good thing as I needed a good get off the couch kick in the butt.  Mom’s are great aren’t they?  No, really…she is the best and I have no idea how she new I needed her here, but she knew.

Well my first class teaching didn’t happen.  Long story short, the store (that shall remain nameless) where I “teach”  is not cooperating and/or communicating with me effectively and refuse to listen to direction, so the people I thought were signed up for my class…weren’t, and the ones that were actually signed up sort of got screwed.  I have never apologized for something I wasn’t at fault for so much in my life.  But they are all set up to attend next month assuming a few more sign up as well.  The good news is, said store is getting a new store manager, and also promoted a new CSM that has been on my side since day one, so hopefully next month it will all turn around and I can start earning some money, rather than spending it on classes that don’t happen.  I did some practicing though while preparing for the class [that didn’t happen].  These are the flowers for Course 2 Lesson1.









<p>I took some time off from the Hexagon afghan to work on a baby blanket for a baby shower that I’m supposed to go tomorrow.  It started off great until I got a bright idea and changed direction.  Note to self:  go with your gut and stick to the original plan.  I hate the blanket and dread working on it, even though I’m so close to finishing it.  It’s safe to say the blanket will not be given as a gift tomorrow.  I mean it looks ok at a glance, but the perfectionist in me see’s the added row to make them connect, the square that I connected from the wrong side, and the misalignment of a few smaller squares to the larger square. </p>









<p>Tonight I’m off for some much needed girl time, and then we are headed to hit some garage sales in the morning.  🙂 </p>

One thought on “Long Week, YAY for Friday!

  1. Bean says:

    Oh man, I was considering skipping the second Wilton course, but I’m kind of excited about it if those are the flowers I’ll be learning to make. I was just expecting more frosting roses. These look fun!

    Also, in my experience, people who don’t knit or crochet can’t find the same mistakes we can. Out of desperation, I gave a couple of horribly-crocheted scarves to people for Christmas last year and they’re still raving about them. I know the baby shower has already come and gone, but you should reconsider gifting it! I can’t tell from the picture, but I bet the baby and its parents would see the flaws as part of the design (if they could see them at all).

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