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Weekend full of karate

Princess Teenager kicked butt this weekend at Compete Nationals 2012.  She brought home three 1st places, and one 2nd place.  There is great debate at home whether or not the trophies are taller than her.  She is done growing and is very annoyed with being “short”. Either way, so proud of her!!!!



Blog transfer…I think

I’m just not a consistent enough of a blogger to pay for a blog.  I’ve already used up all my space for pics, so I’m moving till I can figure something else out.  I hope that you will still follow me at  🙂

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Mike Wazowski


The teenager requested her own special beanie.  Who was I to say no?

Long Week, YAY for Friday!

It’s been a doozy of a week.  My mom was here for the beginning of the week and relax is not in her vocabulary.  But that’s a good thing as I needed a good get off the couch kick in the butt.  Mom’s are great aren’t they?  No, really…she is the best and I have no idea how she new I needed her here, but she knew.

Well my first class teaching didn’t happen.  Long story short, the store (that shall remain nameless) where I “teach”  is not cooperating and/or communicating with me effectively and refuse to listen to direction, so the people I thought were signed up for my class…weren’t, and the ones that were actually signed up sort of got screwed.  I have never apologized for something I wasn’t at fault for so much in my life.  But they are all set up to attend next month assuming a few more sign up as well.  The good news is, said store is getting a new store manager, and also promoted a new CSM that has been on my side since day one, so hopefully next month it will all turn around and I can start earning some money, rather than spending it on classes that don’t happen.  I did some practicing though while preparing for the class [that didn’t happen].  These are the flowers for Course 2 Lesson1.









<p>I took some time off from the Hexagon afghan to work on a baby blanket for a baby shower that I’m supposed to go tomorrow.  It started off great until I got a bright idea and changed direction.  Note to self:  go with your gut and stick to the original plan.  I hate the blanket and dread working on it, even though I’m so close to finishing it.  It’s safe to say the blanket will not be given as a gift tomorrow.  I mean it looks ok at a glance, but the perfectionist in me see’s the added row to make them connect, the square that I connected from the wrong side, and the misalignment of a few smaller squares to the larger square. </p>









<p>Tonight I’m off for some much needed girl time, and then we are headed to hit some garage sales in the morning.  🙂 </p>

40th Birthday Cake

A few weeks ago, I signed up for a craft exchange with a friend on Facebook, with full intentions of crocheting a quick scarf and calling it even.  Well, said friend invited us to her 40th birthday party.  Since, I have cake decorating skills, and she needed a birthday cake, I went with that instead.  She sent me a link to the cake she wanted, and I obliged.  My numbers didn’t cooperate, and tried to break, nothing a few strategically placed leaves couldn’t fix.  Also I wasn’t excited about the buttercream border so I used fondant beads instead.  I also used this tutorial for the roses.  Much thanks for that tip, it definitely was faster than the gum paste roses I had planned to do.   I think I’m happy with the outcome; the birthday girl was thrilled!  Its a win!


Cake pops


Tomorrow I have a two layer topsy turvy cake to make. I got a final head count, and decided maybe the kids at the party might like cake pops better. So here they are.