Today was the last day of winter break.  I have been on the go non-stop since the first day of my kids two and a half week vacation from school.  Half way through this last week, I realized that I really needed a me day, either that or my family was going to ask me to go away and not come home.  So I put my plan in motion to get everything organized enough to take today off.  And so I did.  I have done nothing but sit on my butt all day long and crochet and watch TV.  It has been glorious, especially since my husband has been so kind as to not complain about being on kid duty.

In an effort to uphold my aforementioned attempt at holding myself accountable, I joined my first crochet along, one granny square a day, for the entire year.  By the end of the year I should have a wonderful afghan of memories.  During my attempt at doing nothing but being sloth-like, I have been trying to catch up with the date.  So far I have 4 squares made and am still going.  Pictures to come.


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