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Not a wreck


It’s definitely not a fabulous job but,it didn’t suck like the one earlier in the week. So I’m calling this one a win.



The teenagers granny ripple blanket is done. Better pics when the sum comes out.  Bed time!

Gum paste


Flowers are ready for tomorrows cake. Fingers crossed it goes better.



I am mortified to say I made this piece of crap cake. It didn’t start out horrible. It was all going great until I lost my patience with the transfer. I was tired and cranky and just wanted to wanted to go bed. So I flipped it before it was ready which meant it didn’t stick. I had pull it back off of course messing up all the lines. Then in an effort to make it more stable I added more buttercream. I threw it in the freezer and went to bed. Got up  morning and put the transfer on. Now why didn’t I do that to begin with last night? 😦 grrrrrr I am a perfectionist and this is so not my kind of work. I tried to talk the teenager out of taking it to school. But its her boyfriends birthday and she is insisting. The good news is, I have another cake to decorate tomorrow and I will recover from this cakewreck and come up with a masterpiece!

What to do?


I have 12. Any ideas what I can do with them? I ran out of blue, ran to the store only to find no more of the blue. So now I’m stumped and don’t
want them to go to waste. 😦

Where I rant without being specific.

While I realize this is being a little dramatic, at the moment it doesn’t seem like it, and I want to deem this day ” The Worst Day Ever”.  One of those days where you don’t dare ask what else can go wrong? Because that would end badly.  I have spent the entire day in tears, and when I did manage to pull myself together, I was on the verge of tears.  I did make it to my cardio kickboxing class to kick things and in turn get my butt kicked. Ya, that didn’t help either.  Then the topping on the cake, I dropped my one and only bottle of wine till payday, and it broke everywhere.  UGH!!!!!!!!  So…reduced to beer, here I sit watching bad tv.  I do however need to mention that the teenager is being wonderful and taking on Z (aka monster toddler)  for me tonight.  I owe her big.

I attempted the first 6 rounds of the wool eater CAL today and got completely lost.  I manged round 1 and 2 just fine.  Round 3 threw me for a loop and it made NO sense.  Of course it was probably a bad idea to do this when having such a rotten day.  Maybe I’ll give it another shot tomorrow.  I really wanted to make it work, why can’t it be easier?! So tonight, instead of trying out a new pattern, I am going with easy and comfy and going to work on the teenagers granny ripple blanket.

Training done!

So tired.  Two days in a row up at 6:45am is tough.  I get up at 7ish every day but usually just to get the kids going and out the door and then sit to have my coffee.  But the last two days I have had to be up and out the door for training.  Wow, now I know why I don’t miss working and wouldn’t trade being a SAHM more anything.    But, aside from the rough part of it, the class is done and I have a certificate to show for it.







For the last two days I have learned to make (allegedly) more difficult gum paste flowers.  While I do work with gum paste often when making cakes, I don’t use it to make flowers often.  So even though the flow of the class was very easy to follow, and sometimes a bit slow, the process of making the flowers was sometimes a bit frustrating.  I should probably spend just a tad more time practicing.  So here is the finished product (ignore the random leftovers on the side)…







So now I’m going to pour myself a glass of wine, and curl up with my crocheting and some Golden Globes.

Wilton Training


I’m here and ON TIME!  here we go.

Slacker! But for good reason, I swear.

I was just about all caught up on my granny square a day when I found a square pattern I loved and then my whole idea changed.  Originally I was going to just do 1 totally random granny square a day.  I am new to reading patterns, so I was challenging myself to try a new one each day.  But when I found this pattern I changed directions with my plan.

These are the ones I had done up till the pattern find (colors aren’t so great since the sun was going down.








Then these are the ones that changed my mind










I think my new plan of attack is going to be to stick with this single pattern but go with whatever color my mood is for the day.  Of course chosen from whatever yarn I have laying around at the moment.

I have been busy.  I started to work on my first crochet purse for a friends birthday.  Its not picture worth yet, need a few more days on it.  I had to rework the pattern I was using.  I didn’t like the way it flowed, so I had to arrange it for my pattern reading skills.  Is that bad etiquette?

And yet another project I have been working on is a blanket for my daughter, a granny ripple.








You can’t really tell but there is purple after the blue.  Of course there is always a hitch in every project.  The purple is my hitch.  I was doing 5 rows of each color.  And when I hit the second yellow I realized I had skipped a row of purple.  So my plan is to keep going with only 4 purple then use purple as my boarder to make up for the lack of purple.  I’m hoping to have this one done in the next 2 weeks.  Teenagers are very pushy and she is being very impatient.

And last but not least.  Today I took a break from my crochet projects to put together a little storage box for some of my yarn.  I initially thought the box was much bigger. So imagine my surprise when I put it together and discovered just how bad my math really is LOL.  Oh well, it still turned out really stinking cute once I added the fabric.  It still needs a few finishing touches once my glue dries,  But here is the general idea











And there you have it.  What I have been up to this week.  Oh ya and because of my game plan change for the granny square a day, I am now 3 days behind again :/

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Out with the old…

Well the new year always brings reality.  The reality is, I have gained far more weight than I should have.  I’ll skip the whining and get straight to the solution.  I headed back to my cardio kickboxing class tonight, but not before signing up for Weight Watchers.  I said I was going to hold myself accountable, this is my start.  Meal plan is in production, my husband has taken on the job of doing the cooking, and he has even decided to join me on my point system.  I’m also thankful for my friends who are being incredibly supportive, not sure I could muster up the courage to do this without them.  So here I go…

Now onto the more fun stuff.  This weekend I get to go to a Wilton training seminar.  I’m going to be learning how to teach their new Course 4 Advanced Gum Paste Flowers.  For 2 days I will be elbow deep in frosting and gum paste.  So excited.  I also got my act together today and filled out all my course paperwork for the classes I’ll be offering over the next 3 months.  I don’t get paid unless someone signs up, and so far, no sign ups.  Fingers crossed for the coming months.

Now onto the crochet.  The CAL is coming along well.  I’m almost caught up.  I have 7 done.  Hopefully by tomorrow I will be all caught up and won’t be scrambling.  Also it will allow me to get back to the granny ripple blanket I am working on for my daughter.  She is very anxious, and reminds me at least 5 times a day that she is waiting, impatiently. Pictures tomorrow.

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